Upcoming live performances: 03-18-2019 Live @ The Ned - London



03-18-2019 Live @ The Ned London 'Gigappy Presents'


09-22-2018 Fenway Park - Boston 'College Fest'

10-13-2018 Sea Hive @ Oceanside - Los Angeles

10-21-2018 Artivact Vista @ Vista - Los Angeles


Having experience as a producer in (online) media and television, Andy van Amelrooy started at a young age in the world of showbiz. Next to his love for entertainment on screen, his musical passion was to remix songs every now and then. Not being aware of his own vocal capacity, people were telling him ‘to do more with that voice' when recording a voiceover or perform in a local karaoke bar. First, all just for fun…

A desire to become a television host was soon replaced when Andy found out that he was able to write and produce songs for himself. Being the singer a local improvised band, he would do covers from famous 80's acts like Spandau Ballet and TOTO on Sunday nights in Amsterdam's city center. In the meantime, working on several demos for a first release. Andy's development was gaining momentum when producing his first single ‘Sexclusive', getting in touch with platinum award-winning producer John Douglas (Kylie Minogue, George Michael, Tina Turner) who told him ‘go get them!'. 

He then persuaded Dorona Alberti, lead singer of the popular Dutch jazz band ‘Gare du Nord', to record a duet version of ‘Sexclusive' and got the song on rotation around the world. Mainly the US, South Africa, Australia, and the Netherlands. Both local and national radio coverage. 

Currently, Andy is writing and producing more songs for his first EP that are influenced by the 80's and early 90's era. A time in music that Andy’s really passionate about. Andyva Music will bring you original songs with some old school flavor.  Attached to the project is composer, orchestrator, and producer Bart Delissen, who is on board since the first single. Both Bart and Andy are born and operating from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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As part of the forthcoming EP, the following singles are released, and there is more to follow:

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